Yorkshire Bach Choir on Disc

Festal Mass cd cover

Festal Mass
at the Imperial Court of Vienna 1648

Music by Christoph Straus, Andreas Rauch, Girolomo Fantini, Antonio Bertali and Giovanni Priuli.

Yorkshire Bach Choir
Yorkshire Baroque Soloists
Baroque Brass of London
conducted by Peter Seymour

  • Imperial Sonata No1 (Girolami Fantini)
  • Attolite Portas (Andreus Rauch)
  • Jubilate Deo. Kyrie (Andreus Rauch)
  • Symphonia, Kyrie Eleison, Gloria Venite, Exultemus (Giovanni Pruili)
  • Credo (Christoph Straus)
  • Sonata I (Antonio Bertali)
  • Benedicte (Andreus Rauch)
  • Sanctus, Benedictus (Christoph Straus)
  • O Quam Dulcis (Giovanni Pruili)
  • Pater Noster (Andreus Rauch)
  • Agnus Dei (Christoph Straus)
  • Sonata II (Antonio Bertali)
  • Cantate Domino (Andreus Rauch)
  • Imperial Sonata No 2 (Girolami Fantini)

Recorded at the Chapel of St Mary & St Everilda, Everingham, Yorkshire:
July 11th – 13th 1989

Published 1989
No longer available for sale